A little lake can be peaceful and dangerous at the same time, still and quiet, roaring and threatening, cold or warm, clear or poisonous, unbelievable deep, full of life, and hide findings from ancient times. Mainly nothing in there is quite like anything here.


Little Lake Prod. is a production company runned by professional artists, we create and produce entertainment and art, and provide promotional material to cultural institutions, performing groups and individual artists. We promote art, create art and produce art, because we believe it is, and has to be, an essential part of every ones lives and livelihood.

We offer professionalism, expertise and in depth knowledge of the art – and cultural environment on an overall international scale and on an individual level. We believe in taking the time to get it just right, and strive to reach further than the client expects, and we don’t mind travelling far and wide to do it.


A little lake is a place you can mirror yourself in. A little lake is somewhere that can contain an alternate reality. It can hide secrets and unexpected things might surface.